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If you are looking for a professional accredited business to meet your environmental requirements, Discretion Feminine Hygiene are here to provide you with a service you can rely on.


Our customers are not tied into a contract and benefit from stable pricing and a quality service. Our regular visits are generally provided by the same person to avoid disturbing your staff by asking where your washrooms are located.


We are registered with the Environmental Agency and a folder containing a Duty of Care certificate and a Service Record Sheet where every visit is logged is left with each customer.

Discretion Feminine Hygiene - An affordable & dependable washroom service with no contracts

Our Feminine Hygiene and Washroom Supplies service includes:

  • Washroom Dispensing Service

  • (Soap, Hand Towels, Toilet Tissue, Air Fresheners etc)

  • Washroom Sanitising System

  • Hygiene Bag Dispenser & Refills

  • Vending Machine Service

  • Urinal Water Saving Systems

  • Hand Dryers

  • Toilet Seat Sanitisers

  • Nappy Bins & Waste Disposal Service

  • Baby Changing Units

  • Cleaning, Chemical and Janitorial Products

  • Floor protection mats

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Four Weekly Service with Term and Seasonal Variations                       (ideal for schools and sports clubs)

  • Pedal, or No Touch bins complete with Germicide or Femcare antimicrobial liners to dispel odours.

  • Female sanitary service with complete bin or liner exchange on each visit

  • No contracts. Not tied into anything, giving you peace of mind

                   No Contract Feminine Hygiene and Washroom Services

Keeping your washrooms clean and fresh - order now when you call

01462 628847

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In addition to our Feminine Hygiene service we also offer the following products or services:

Feminine Hygiene - Requirements for Business

In accordance with the Duty of Care that all businesses must adhere too, there is a requirement for sanitary waste to be disposed of properly. The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 1992 recommends that businesses should ensure all female toilets are provided with a suitable method for disposing of female sanitary products. In addition, The Water Industries Act 1991 stipulates that no item should be flushed away that can cause harm to the sewer or drain. Our feminine hygiene disposal service addresses all applicable legislation and will ensure you fully comply with your Duty of Care. All the relevant documentation is provided for your records.

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